Watch some decoration tips and tricks before you start:


What you need:


Table (ideally around 4-5 feet by 3 feet / 120-150cm by 90cm)

Empty wall behind the table

About 60 minutes of setup time




  1. Place the table against the empty wall, and ensure the wall material is something that a tape will stick to (and later unstick without damage!)

  2. From the roll of clear tape, cut two short (2 in / 5 cm) pieces of tape, and a single long (50 in, or around the width of the table) piece. Use the short pieces to tape the long piece horizontally on the wall with the sticky side up.
    Repeat this for another horizontal strip of tape about 4 feet / 120 cm lower. 

  3. Take the paper streamers (2 rolls), and start making the backdrop by attaching the end of the roll to higher tape and pulling it down to the lower tape, and cutting to length. Repeat for the width of the tape.

  4. Inflate the balloons, and make a balloon garland using the plastic needle and clear thread. Tape the garland to the wall on top of the backdrop. 

  5. Take the tissue paper garland, and follow instructions to make two garlands of 5 tassels. Use clear thread.

  6. Cut the mermaids, shells, stars and other shapes from the sheets. Cut letter shapes if you want to use them in round shape as in the picture.

  7. Inflate the foil star balloon using a paper straw

  8. Open the paper fans

  9. Take pearl chain and cut it to 4 pieces, or use it as it is







  1. Attach the shells to the backdrop using clear tape, and write child’s name on the shells using paper letters that come with the box

  2. Use clear tape to attach the paper fans and the foil star to the wall. We recommend using use clear thread to make decorations stay on the wall better. 

  3. Tape mermaid, seahorse, shell and star fish on paper fans

  4. Tape star garland on the wall using tape behind every fifth star

  5. Tape ends of the pearl chains behind the balloon garland

  6. Place the table cloth on the table

  7. Place the paper plates, spoons and napkins on the table



  1. Prepare the party bags: Fill the striped paper bags with:
    One Emoji sticker sheet
    One “You are Awesome” badge
    One lollipop
    Seal the party bags with golden “Thank you” stickers

  2. Set up the “Tattoo booth” in your desired location. Place tattoos on the table. Remember the “Tattoo Booth” sign!

  3. Cut the Treasure Hunt pieces


All set! Now just make sure you have some food and drinks, cake and a candle and we’re ready to party!





1. Welcome, and Scratch your own Magic Party Mask (15min)



“Welcome to ________’s Birthday Party. You know that no party is a REAL party without a cool birthday mask - so now we’re going to make one. But this is not a usual birthday mask - it’s a magical scratch mask! Everyone has their own mask, and when you start scratching fun shapes to it you’ll see what happens…"


The masks are really easy to scratch, but the sticks are sharp, so make sure that kids are care careful with them! They can scratch the masks on the table or on the floor. Use the elastic bands, or tape and stick to finish. Step by step instructions are included in the package!


2. BINGO! (10min)


Have the Bingo sheets and the small red stickers ready. There are 8 different bingo sheets. If there's more players than that, kids can play as teams. If there’s little ones, adults can help placing stickers in the right places.

"Now it’s time to play some Bingo! We need 8 teams. Every time you hear a word, find the thing on your Bingo Sheet, and place a sticker on that square. When you have 5 stickers in a row, shout BINGO!"

Small prize (Haribo and Bubbles) for winners! Read thr bingo words in order from 1 to 24.




Place the Pin the pearl on shell sheet on the wall. Have the round stickers ready. If you want, you can write each player’s initials on the stickers, so it’s easier to see who hit the closest. If you don’t, you can ask kids to remember which one was their pearl. Kids can use their own party masks to cover their eyes, just ask them to put the mask on the way that they can’t see through the holes. You can use a scarf too.


“Next we’ll play a game called “Pin the Pearl on the Shell”. Cover your eyes using your Party Masks and try to pin this sticker (Pearl) to the shell. The one who pins the pearl closest to the shell wins an amazing prize!”


The one who hits the closest gets the prize with cool emoji purse and a lollipop



4. Birthday song, cake and food (20min)

Now it's time to have some cake. Place the cake candles on the cake and light them up just before you start singing (they tend to burn out really fast!). While kids are eating, it's a good time to hide the Treasure Hunt pieces! Look part 5.

♪♪ "Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you"  ♪♪



5. Treasure Hunt (15min)



Take 20 pieces of Treasure Map you cut earlier, and hide those in your home/garden/venue. Read children the story below. When all 15 pieces are found, ask the children to put the puzzle together to read a special message. Adults can help if needed. When the puzzle is ready, give children "something from the treasure chest"  (Chocolate Coins) included in the Nordic Party Box.

“I’ve heard a rumor that many, many years ago Pirates have lost their treasure map here. The rumor says, that the Pirate’s Treasure Map is in 15 different pieces, and it has a special message in it. Do you want to try and find it? Bring the pieces you find here, and let’s put the map together to figure out what the special message is.”




Now is time to put on a party tattoo, and play with friends before we end our party with dancing. If you are in hurry you can skip to part 7.


“If you haven’t already put your tattoo on - go to our tattoo booth now! We still have one game left but let’s put our tattoos on first!”



7. Musical Bumps AND THANK YOU (15min) 

♪ Justin Timberlake - Can't stop the Feeling ♪ Pharrell Williams - Happy


Choose a song for the kids to dance. You can play music from your phone or stereo - whatever you have in your hands. Start playing the song and pause after 5-15 seconds. Kids dance as long as the music is playing, and when the music stops, they have to sit down. The one who sits down last is out of the game. The game runs for as long as there's only one child (winner) left. You can play as many rounds as you like and give small prizes that are left for the winners! Everyone loves this game!

"Thank you so much for partying with us, we've had a blast! But the party is not over just yet - now it's time our last game - Musical Bumps. In this game you will dance as long as the music is playing, and when the music stops, you have to sit down on the floor - as quickly as possible. The one who sits down last is out of the game. Winner of the game is the one who is left!  After we've had a dance, you can find party bags on the table. Please take a party bag with you before you leave. But now - let’s DANCE!"




You can always order food and cakes ready-made, but if you want to cook yourself, these ideas are super cute. A good idea is to have sweets and drinks (cans of kids' lemonade, for example!) in the theme colours. It looks great on the party table! Remember: you don’t need to have many different things - just a few options of sweet and savoury.




  • Mini Bagels with Cream Cheese and Salmon, decorate with Cucumber and Plum tomatoes

  • Sandwiches,  Pizza, Hot Dogs

  • Veggie Plate with Ranch Dip

  • Cocktail Bites with Sausage, Grapes and Cheese

  • Fish and Chips with Ketchup

  • Popcorn, Nuts, Pretzels



  • A Cake / Cupcakes

  • Fruit kebabs dipped in white chocolate, decorated with sprinkles

  • Party Rings / Macarons / Biscuits

  • Marshmallows / Gold Bears

  • Mini Chocolate Bars  / Other sweets in theme colours

  • Waffle Cones with fruits

  • Dipped Oreos / Pretzels

  • Candy Popcorn

  • Ice Cream bar / Donut station






If you want to do something extra at the end of the party, you can ask the guests to “fish” their party bags! You will need "a fishing rod" (a mop handle or street brush handle), a clothes pin, and some thread. Two adults should hold up a sheet or blanket, while another adult hides behind it with all the party bags. Every child then has their turn throwing the thread and trying to catch a party bag.


Make your own Pizza!


This is very easy and fun party food that every one will love. Plus you don't have to worry about cooking savoury party food - because guest will make their own pizza! Start by heating up the oven. Place tortilla wraps or pizza bases on an oven tray. Add ketchup, grated cheese and some fillings like ham, pepperoni, peppers... If you use tortilla wraps as bases, you can cook up to 4 pizzas at the same time. It’s super fun, easy to organise and everyone will get the pizza they want!