It's no secret, I love birthdays. Planning decorations, inflating balloons until you’re out of breath, decorating the cake when everyone’s already sleeping, wrapping gifts, seeing kids’ big wide smiles, singing happy birthday… Everything.




“The best thing about memories is making them”


I am originally from Finland, and the one thing I miss about the Scandinavian lifestyle is the way we celebrate birthdays. In the Nordic countries kids celebrate their birthdays at home with their very best friends and family, eating cream cake, playing games, dancing and chatting. You can see my Scandinavian background when you look at the way I've planned the party decorations and activities. You won't need 500 balloons and a living dinosaur to create an amazing themed birthday. All you need is a well thought-out and stylish set of decorations, with fun and simple activities for kids to have fun together. As I am a primary school teacher by profession, I've put extra care into making sure the activities are inclusive and collaborative.

While I absolutely love the intimate way of celebrating birthdays, I know organising everything can be a lot of work for busy parents like you and me. That's why I created the Nordic Party Box, the birthday package in the theme of your choosing and customised with your child's name and age. The box comes with everything you need, even sticking tape and cake candles. You'll just need to add party food of your liking.

The one thing that I personally stress the most about organising a parties for my own children is entertaining children and making sure they have a great time. I know that I'm not the only one spending hours in Pinterest trying to find tips to entertain little guests, and that's why I included the box with activities that come with detailed instructions, and just the right things for you to say to get the game going. 


"A good life is a collection of a happy moments."


You can't buy the Nordic Party Box birthday themes anywhere else. I created the Nordic Party Box with two simple goals: I want the children to say wow when they see it, and the parents should not have to stress about birthdays.



Try it and I promise you'll love it.


Best wishes,




Founder of the Nordic Party Box


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